What a Busy Day!

Hey everyone, I’m back! You guys get TWO blog posts this weekend! Anyway, it was a crazy busy day at work today that I felt like I should blog it all out. Hope you enjoy reading about my crazy day!

Today I opened the store at 11am knowing that I have a lot of things to finish. I started off with the batch of clothes that I left on the steaming rack along with 2 other bags left over from yesterday. When I finished with those, I had one more bag left – or so I thought. The owner randomly stopped by leaving me with 5 more bags! Can you imagine thinking that you’re almost done with your task only to get even more work to do?? It’s like washing the dishes and your parent puts another dish in the sink when you’re almost done. Luckily for me, it wasn’t really busy today.

While going through the bags of clothes, there were clothes sent to my store from the location in Berkeley along with special orders. I called the two customers to let them know that their stuff was ready, but they didn’t answer so I left each of them a voicemail. Also buried deep in those bags were more velvet pieces!!!!! YAY FOR MORE VELVET!! So now we have velvet shirts in forest green, charcoal, and black. Honestly, the forest green shirt would go SO well with a black skirt for Christmas. I REALLY hope we get a red version as well.

Today just seemed SO long. I pulled out all the clothes, steamed the garments that needed it and folded other shirts. I literally did this for my entire shift. I ended up steaming as much as I could and put everything I steamed out until 5:30. My coworker is going to have to finish the rest of the clothes on the rack and a bag full of garments that I left her. I’m just hoping tomorrow isn’t too crazy.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post!


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