Weekly Updates

Hey guys! As you all know, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog consistently for a while now.  I think for the mean time I’ll do weekly updates instead and post those either on Saturday or Sunday each week. Weekly updates would be so much easier for me to do since I’m always working.

Sunday: I had work all day I think, and finally met my boss lady. She’s this really nice older lady from New Zealand. She’s also the one who does all the screen printing, so I told that I really want to learn how to do that. She said she can start teaching me in January! I’d most likely have to drive on over to Oakland to learn but that’s ok. It would also give me a reason to FINALLY try out this Puerto Rican take out place in Oakland, too!

Monday: I had work this day and it was busyyyyyyyyyy.

Tuesday: I’m pretty sure I worked 12-5pm on this day. It was suuuuuper slow though.

Wednesday: DAY OFFFFFF! I LITERALLY SLEPT IN TIL LIKE 1PM. My boyfriend and I finally left the house at like 2? or 3? We got started on some Christmas shopping and got some necessities at Target. Oh, I also got boba of course!

Thursday: I worked with my cray cray coworker. She’s married and in her 40’s but I shit you not, she put on makeup to go pick up her sandwich. This lady had me DYING! Ok, so there’s a sandwich shop where we sometimes get a BLT + Avocado and one of the employees looks like a hotter and younger version of Vin Diesel (her words). After calling in her order, she took out her mascara, eyeliner and put her hair down before going to pick her food up. I’m pretty sure they flirted when she walked in, LOL!

I was also supposed to just work 12p-5p but ended up staying to close because my coworker had to leave early. I didn’t mind staying cause that meant more hours, and more hours means more money!

Friday: Had work again from 12p-5p. I worked with a coworker from a different store this time. She only works in SF on Fridays. Anyways, it was a slow day but there was lots to do. We also had a customer who DESTROYED the legging and sweatpants section. Imagine an insane amount of eye rolling and curse words being spat out. It was a giant mess and I kind of just stood there glaring at the pile clothes I had to refold.

Saturday (today): Today I had work 2:15p-close. I actually woke up early enough to make food to eat at work! I made a fried egg with garlic rice, with soy sauce and green onions. It was SO good! Got my coffee then headed into work. I walk in to my coworker steaming garments that the owner had dropped off a few hours earlier. I’m not sure how many bags she dropped off, but I finished 1 bag and still have 3-4 bags left over. Within a sea of black and white colored garments, we got this super cute forest green velvet long sleeve shirt. I’ll post a picture below. The sizing we got was kind of weird because we got just 1 XS, 1 S, 1 L, and 1 XL. What happened to getting size Medium?? Anyways, it was a busy day with a whole lot of shit that still needs to be finished tomorrow. Ugh.

Peep the velvet shirt! Oh, and the creepy mannequin head staring at you!


Well, that’s it for now! Good night, good day!



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