Just 1 More Week

Hey everyone! Hope you all have been well. I’ve been pretty busy with school and work as usual so this post will probably just be an update. At work, I started helping out with our store Instagram page. Before, the page wasn’t being used as much as it should and didn’t have a whole lot of followers. This new extra role as a Content Creator is rough! Props to those hardcore bloggers, vloggers and Instagramers because it really is hard work. I’m constantly moving things around in the store and clearing the counter to take photos of clothes to post on social media. Sometimes thinking of stuff to post can be hard. It’s been a learning experience for sure and it’s something I can probably add to my resume.

School has been pretty busy too. I’ve been working on and procrastinating on my final projects. I have one that is due this Friday, and another that’s due on Tuesday. I’m currently working on my Photoshop final. It’s been a fun one but the set up was difficult. Basically, I had to create an alter ego for myself so naturally I picked a witch. The tough part was taking the picture but I got it done. Now, I just need to finish editing. Then once that’s done, I can work on my Typography project. Ugh, I can’t wait for the semester to be over.

Well, time to go back to Netflix and homework. Have a great day!


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