I Can’t Stand it When Someone…

Good evening, y’all. It is now 9:17pm and it feels like it has been a long day. Today’s blog post is about something that happened in my Photoshop 2 class this morning. To start the class, I turned in hw then downloaded today’s class files like always. We didn’t get the usual files because today we had to do a Section Review. Basically, we have to recreate a file the best we can using everything we’ve learned so far. We have to use layer masks, fx, color correction, etc.

I started my file and began my SR project. During the 2-3 hours I was working, my classmate sitting next to me, kept asking me questions and literally looking at my moniter every 2 minutes. The whole point of the SR is to do your own version of the assignment to try and recreate the file to the best of your ability. To ask for help a few times is one thing, but to continuously look at my moniter and copy everything I’m doing is pretty fucking annoying. I would’ve said something snappy to get her to stop but it seemed rude to do so since she seemed like she was my mom’s age. Also, the teacher mentioned it was ok to ask for help which obviously is ok. This lady felt the need to continuously raise her hand and call the teacher to help me when I didn’t get something the first time. I am the kind of person who likes to try and figure shit out multiple times and THEN ask for help when I really just can’t get it going. Like when I was trying to remember how to use the Clone Tool, she called the teacher to come and show ME how to use it when I didn’t get it the 1st time. IF I NEED HELP ON HOW TO DO SOMETHING, I WILL ASK THE TEACHER FOR HELP MY DAMN SELF! It got to the point where she kept calling him over for me that I said “Stop calling him over! I don’t need help! I already figured it out!”

I get it that shes trying to help, I don’t need another student worrying about someone else when they should work and worry about their own assignment. You don’t see other students constantly looking at another persons moniter EVERY 2 MINUTES. They ask for help around them, or from the teacher but don’t watch that persons every move. I even turned my moniter sideways because she was watching everything. Things like this make me want to bring my laptop to class instead of using the class monitors, but the screens in class are bigger than my laptop which is obviously a lot better to use. Maybe I should keep a piece of cardboard in my backpack to tape to my monitor every Friday morning.

Ugh, that’s my rant for the day. At least I was able to get coffee this morning! Hope you are all doing well!

And before I forget, here is my Filipino Friday phrase for today:
Agyamanak(Ilocano) – Thank you / Salamat(Tagalog)


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