My Saturday at Silicon Valley Comic Con

Hello and Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are all doing well and having a great start to your week. Friday, April 6th was Jon and I’s 5 year anniversary so we decided to celebrate on Saturday at Silicon Valley Comic Con! It was our first time going to SVCC and we had thought about going a few months in advance. Jon wanted to go because he mainly wanted to meet Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park), and I wanted to go because Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter) was going to be there. Sadly, Jeff Goldblum dropped out of going. If we had more money to spend, we would’ve tried to get autographs from Stan Lee, Ray Park, Matthew Lewis, and Ian McDiarmid. Oh, and the guys who played Jengo Fett and young Boba Fett were there too.

We started our day at 5:30am thinking it was going to super busy. We left the house at arpund 6:30ish. Since it was rainy and wet drive we drove kind of slowly. On the way there we saw 2-3 accidents! C’mon people! You can’t drive the same way in wet and rainy conditions as you would on a sunny day.

We got to San Jose around 7:30. We decided to get some breakfast at the Jack in the Box a few blocks away from the convention center. We got our food but for some reason the lady couldn’t put a new roll of toilet paper in for Jon. Literally not that hard to do but she never replaced it. So we went to the near by Philz so I can get coffee and he can take his morning poop. We get there but there’s no bathroom. It also took the barista FOREVERRRRRR to make my small mint mojito. I have never had to wait as long as I did for my drink. It wasnt even that busy. At that point, I’m super tired and cranky and trying really hard to not let the angry Puerto Rican girl come out of me. After what seemed like 20-30 minutes of waiting for a small coffee, the barista finally called out my drink.

We found a parking lot that was $10 for all day parking and headed over to the tent to get our wristbands. There actually wasn’t THAT many people there yet. While waiting in line at the convention entrance, we saw a couple of cool cosplay costumes. A group of kids came dressed up as the kids from South Park, and there were many Harley Quinn’s. We wanted to go as Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler but didn’t have enough time to get our costumes. Speaking of, we saw two people dressed those exact same costumes. Not going to lie, we were a little butthurt, haha.

There were soooo many awesome artists and venders there! We also had to get some Funko Pops of course. It’s such an awesome feeling when you finally meet the artist(s) you’ve been low key IG stalking in person. I also saw some artists that I met at SF Comic Con in 2016. I literally wish I had more spending money because I would’ve definitely bought MORE artwork. Even though our legs and feet were dying, it was such a fun experience. If you’ve never been to a Comic Con, you should definitely go. It’s a great experience and you could even meet some of your favorite characters!

Here are some pictures of the artwork we got at SVCC 2018. All artist IG pages will be included in the captions.

**Not pictured is a map of Westeros by the talented @awkwardaffections on Instagram*

Tormund & Brienne of Tarth by @stephsketch
Game of Thrones by @stephlewart
Iron Giant by @thetonus; Witch print & Sailor Moon sticker by @Jacquelindeleon; Mufasa & Simba by @artsymissmelis; Fluffy White Pup & Corgi stickers by @thousandskies; Boba Girl sticker by @lepetitelefant; Pizza Corgi & Poke Ball Corgi by @corgli
Scorpio/Pisces & Pisces/Scorpio by @20px; Anniversary card by @lepetitelefant
Don’t remember where we got the decals from. Also we got Daenerys Targaryen and Darth Vader notebooks. Again, I forgot to grab business cards..
Admiral Ackbar Funko from @animeta; Star Wars print by @rickbasart

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