That Only Took Forever…

Happy Friday everyone!!

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, my yarn FINALLY arrived!! This small box containing 1 skein of yarn took like 2 weeks to arrive at my front door. My package came from the East Coast and made it’s way through at least 5 states before hitting California.

Im just glad that I can FINALLY finish my boyfriend’s beanie. I went to both Joann’s and Michaels and both stores did not have the yarn I needed. It was also out of stock on their websites which further delayed this project. I could’ve easily ordered yarn from the Lion Brand website, but I wanted to use my Joann’s coupons.

I ended up waiting a few weeks until an email from Joann’s showed up saying the yarn I needed was in stock online. Not going to lie, I probably should’ve ordered a few more just to stock up on.

All this beanie needs is 1-2 more rows, and a pom. Which reminds me, I need to make a smaller pom template.

Thanks for stopping by!


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