Ilocano word/phrase of the Day

Hello all! Its been an extremely boring and slow day at work. I rang up a total of like 5 people since 11am. It is now 5:30pm. Anyways, I was scrolling away on Instagram and saw a design for an “Ilokano” sticker made by @phatlip, a Seattle-based graphic designer.

As I was going through the comments, I saw a phrase I didn’t understand. Actually, I understood half of it. It said “kayat ko”, which means “I want.” I really do want to learn Spanish, Tagalog, and Ilocano so maybe I’ll start off with a word or phrase of that language or dialect every day. I want to at least be able to understand what people are saying to me. So, I think I’ll do that.

If there any words, phrases, saying that I should know in Spanish, Tagalog, and Ilocano, let me know and I’ll learn them. Maybe I’ll end up doing a Tagalog Tuesday, or Spanish Saturday, or Ilocano Friday, LOL.

Today’s Ilocano phrase: Kayat ko. -I want/like.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Ilocano word/phrase of the Day

    1. alexisicasillas says:

      Not yet! A lot of my ilocano cousins in the Philippines mainly speak tagalog but understand ilocano. And here in California, my grandparents speak it but to each other or other elder family members lol. They didnt really speak it to us growing up. As for Spanish… im sloooowly working on it lol. I came to a realization at work that I REALLY nead to learn it because soo many people have walked in asking if I speak Spanish in Spanish LOL.

      I havent had a whole lot of time because of school and work but I’ll keep working on it sloooowly.. hopefully! 😅😅

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