Crochet Update: Beanie Complete!

Good morning everyone! To those watching the Super Bowl today, I hope your team wins!

As you may have noticed from the title, I finally finished the beanie I was working on! I am super excited to have finally completed this project. I think I took about a month, lol. Honestly, it only took this long because I needed to make the pom on top and never got around to it. I was also lagging on the thought of buying the pom maker or just making it out of cardboard.

Yesterday during a SUPER dead hour at work, I drew up a paper template for a pom maker. When I got home, i grabbed some cardboared and traced 2 copies of the template. It probably would’ve been quicker to just use a sissor to cut them out but because I wanted clean edges, I used my exacto knife.

The pom came out a little bigger than I expected, but it still looks good. I think I’ll make another template that’s a little smaller on Illustrator. I should also try to use a thicker paper instead of the super stiff cardboard I cut. Either way, it was a cheap and easy way to make a pom.

Here are a few pictures of my pom maker, finished pom, and finished beanie. I’ll be starting a new beanie soon! Enjoy!

My homemade pom maker!
The finished pom.
The completed beanie in all its glory!

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