Happy February!!

It’s officially February which means it is my birthday all month long! On the 26th of this month, I’ll be 27 years old. I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve this year, so I hope that 27 will be a good one.

Anyway, let’s talk about January for a bit. January went by WAY too quickly. It seems like just yesterday was New Year’s Day and the Spring Semester was just beginning. Well, school is still in the first few weeks, but still.

In January, I started crocheting a bit more and got settled back into school life. Typography is exactly what I expected it to be; reading worksheets and projects. We actually just started our first assignment outside of class last week.

Photoshop 2 has been pretty pleasent so far. Before taking the Photoshop 2 class, I’ve been kind of 50/50 about it. It has never been my strong suit and has always made me frustrated. As of right now, I’m doing pretty well. Im hoping I can keep up with my assignments from both classes and not get burnt out.

Now that it’s February, I hope the month goes by smoothly. It’s going to be a busy month full of birthdays, hw assignments, and everything else in between. So here’s to taking this month one day at a time.

Until the next blog! (Which will probably be soonπŸ˜‚)



4 thoughts on “Happy February!!

      1. elisgraci says:

        Oh it will be fantastic, do you know what they say, when someone wishes you something good, claim it and it will come true!! 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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