I Hit 100 Followers?!

What?! My blog hit 100 followers!! Thats freakin’ awesome!! I never thought I would get this many followers, haha. Thanks to everyone who continue to read my blog posts even when I don’t post consistently. I promise that this year I will do my best to upload multiple posts each week. School starts next week, so you can be sure I’ll have some interesting blog posts in the near future! Here’s to many more posts including crocheting, class projects, random life updates, and whatever else comes up in my life.

Thanks again for keeping up with my crazy blog! I know most people have a specific theme for their blog that they stick with, but I hope you don’t mind my random posts. As much as I wouldn’t mind sticking to a single theme, I just find it easier to post whatever I feel like at any time I want. Anyway, thanks for keeping up with my shenanigans!



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