Crochet Update #1!

Good morning San Francisco! It’s another cold rainy day here in the Bay and I’m spending it at work. Today is my Friday so at least I have my 2 days off to look forward to. You’ve probably read the title already, but today’s post will be a crocheting update!

As you know, I started crocheting a couole of weeks ago. I put it aside for about a week and a half for the holidays and am finally back on the grind.  The first week I started crocheting, I tried doing a Cheveron patterned blanket but couldn’t quite figure out how to move on to the next row with the amout of foundation chains I had.

The chevron pattern I attempted.

Then I tried another pattern. I’m not sure if there is an official name for it, but the title of the YouTube video I am using calls it a throw blanket. When I first started this pattern, I was having some MAJOR issues with it. Mostly because I wasn’t paying as much attention to the video as I thought I was. I did the SAME mistake over and over for like 2 weeks. I was getting frustrated and cranky that even my boyfriend questioned if I was doing it correctly. Then finally sometime last week, I decided to give it another go. I rewatched the tutorial 5 more times and realized that I had messed up and that Jon was right(but of course I won’t admit it😂😂).

Here are a few updated pictures of my current project. (Apologies for the low light. The lighting in my room is terrible!)

My first attempt after finding my mistake.
Switched to a new color. The blanket will be striped with the colora Vanilla and Baby Sand.
First 2 striped rows are done! Started a new row and new skein of Baby Sand last night.

I hope you like these crochet update posts! I’m on a steady pace to finish this blanket. Hopefully my next update(s) will show that the blanket is either halfway finished or completely finished.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bernat Blanket Yarn, 10.5 Ounce, Silver Steel, Single Ball

Clover 1057/NP Amour Crochet Hook, Size N/P/10.0mm

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4 thoughts on “Crochet Update #1!

    1. alexisicasillas says:

      Its really relaxing! And like all things, it takes lots of practice and patience. There were many times that I wanted to just throw my yarn across the room and leave it there lol. Im thinking of possibly making an etsy page sometime this year if I get really good and consistent with it, but we’ll see! Haha

      And I’ll def check out your latest post!😊

      Liked by 1 person

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