Happy Saturday!

Good day everyone! I am currently at work and for the past two hours, it’s been soooo busy. Now it’s dead slow so I figured I should type up a small update post.

I found out that I qualify for free city college, so instead of having to pay $360 for my classes, I only have to pay $66. That is definitely a good deal. I am really only paying for my parking permit, and student fees. 

Also, since I will be going back to school this semester, my work schedule will be a lot less tiring. Instead of working 6 days a week, I’ll only be working 4 days. Cheers to having 3 days off from now on! That means for time for relaxing, crocheting, and homework. I wouldn’t mind having just 2 days off but working 6 days a week was so tiring. 

Now that I’ll have more time to actually crochet, expect some crocheting posts in the future! I haven’t been crocheting a whole lot in the past 2 weeks due to work and hanging out with family for the holidays, but just know that I have unraveled my work probably 500 times already, haha. I’ll probably unravel the blanket I’m working on one more time (I haven’t gotten very far – 3 rows). My rows have been turning into spirals so I’ve just been constantly undoing and redoing them. I think I need to make my main chain even looser to prevent my blanket from spiraling. Hopefully the 600th try works out!! I also got some new hooks, yarn and a container to hold my yarn as I work, so I may do a post on that as well. 

I hope you all have had a good holiday and have a happy and safe New Year! As always, thanks for stopping by my blog and see ya next time!



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