My Crocheting Adventures Have Begun!

Good morning everyone! It’s Sunday and I am on my way to Philz to get coffee before work. It’s going to be a long day today. Anyway, like the title says, I started crocheting!!

After work on Friday, I did a little more Christmas shopping. I ended my shopping with a trip to Joann’s. My bf thinks I went overboard on the yarn, but you could never have too much yarn, right?? I left the store with 6 huge balls of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and a P hook. For the yarn, i got 3 balls in the color Vanilla, and 3 in the color Sand.. Baby Sand? It’s one of those, haha. 

I had previously found a blanket pattern that I wanted to try so when I got home, I got straight on it. I quickly started foundation chain and made it to the first row. As I got near to the end of my first row, I noticed that chains looked loose and ugly so I unraved it and started over. Now, I unraveled the same thing twice. Then on my last attempt, I realized missed two chains on the foundation chain. That meant I literally had to undo it AGAIN! 

Yesterday after work, I unraveled it 1 more time and added the 2 extra chains. I made sure my chains were even and went on my merry way… or so I thought. At some point, I was counting my way through the pattern and realized I had an extra double crochet somewhere. YAY FOR UNRAVELING MY YARN FOR THE 1000TH FREAKIN’ TIME!!! It’s very frustrating to have to unravel your yarn multiple times, but its good practice and it all becomes muscle memory.

I finally finished my first row and started on the second row! The blanket pattern I am sttempting is the Chevron pattern. Here’s some pics of my work, and yarn!

My yarn and the beginning of my foundation chain!
My “finished” first row. I had to redo it because I was short 2 foundation chains.

Probably the 50th time redoing this 1st row.

The beginning of the 2nd row.


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