Puerto Rico is Cancelled

Well, like the title says, my trip to Puerto Rico is cancelled/postponed. The aftermath of Hurricane Maria still heavily devastates the island. There is still no power, the beaches aren’t clean, water isn’t deemed safe, and roads are still damaged. Now, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed but I am. Within about a 2-week span, TWO trips get cancelled. I’m slightly butthurt but I’ll get over it.

I’ve literally waited 20 years to go to Puerto Rico but it’s not going to kill me to wait a little longer. Puerto Rico is always going to be there and as much as I would love to go in February, it’s a better idea to wait. It would help to have power (although many people in the world live without it), because charging your phone is important! That was actually a concern I had been thinking about for a while; using my phone. I didn’t know and STILL don’t know if Sprint has fixed their cell towers, and I’m the type of person that has to call or text people back home to let them know I arrived safely. Also, having the internet work helps a lot. But since everything is down for the count, going to Puerto Rico will just have to wait.

I’m butthurt but like I said, I’ll get over it. In the meantime, I’ll be saving and spending on Christmas gifts. I will also be saving and spending on car parts for my IS300 as well as car maintenance. Since Puerto Rico was going to be a birthday trip, buying some baller ass wheels from Japan will more than make up for it, lol. Can’t wait for my bf and his dad to put in a new clutch, and do the timing belt so I can get a new door, fender, and bumper. Once we get that all squared away, it’ll be time to look for new wheels and maybe even lower my car!

Well, as always, thanks for reading and visiting my blog!



5 thoughts on “Puerto Rico is Cancelled

    1. alexisicasillas says:

      I’m like suuuuper butthurt still, haha. I’m trying to just think of my car instead. We were supposed to go to Disneyland the weekend before Christmas but it got cancelled too. My bf and I went to the Disney Store today to get a start on gift shopping, and looking at park tickets was just irritating. Kind of sad but no one is really in the Christmas mood lol.

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