My Favorite Books

I love reading and just wanted to share a few of my favorite books and series. The books I’m sharing are from my childhood and today. I’d like to think my collection of books has a pretty decent variety of genres. Honestly, I’d go to the book store and grab a book that looked appealing in the “Teen Fiction” section and if I like what I read on the back, then I’d buy it. I ended up loving almost every book I’ve ever bought. Now, a look at some of my favorite books.


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The ‘House of Night’ series is one of my favorite series besides Harry Potter. The story is about a teen girl that was marked by a vampyre tracker to be come a full fledged vampyre. She left her home and high school for the House of Night which is like a boarding school for fledgeling vampyres. I haven’t read the last two books and I actually want to re-read everything before I do, but I found this series to be very entertaining. I guess I’ve always had a thing for vampire and witchy books and movies because I LOVED Twitches and other similiar books. Not going to lie, this series made me want to be a badass vampyre LOL! I highly recommend this series if you’re into Teen Fantasy Fiction and vampyres.



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‘Harry Potter’ of course! I started reading this series when I was about 9? or 10? I honestly don’t remember but I was really young. I LOVED the friendship that Harry, Ron, and Hermione had. I loved how Molly loved Harry as if he were her own son, and how the twins were always messing around. Actually, I loved everything about the series. It was just an amazing read every time. Just like the movies, I was sad when there weren’t any more HP books to read. I literally grew up with the books and movies just like many others had. I’m definitely going to have my future kids read Harry Potter also.



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Ok, so I got ‘Piratica’ as a gift from I think my dad years ago. I read this book really quickly, and may have even read it again right after. I LOVED this book. It’s about the daughter of a badass pirate queen whose tired of her extremely proper school, the Angels Academy for Young Maidens. She goes on an adventure to find her mother’s crew and demands that they go out to sea. Again, this book had such a great and unique story and had me believing I was the daughter of a pirate queen. The book is for pre-teens and maybe a little younger, but I promise you’ll enjoy it.



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Honolulu’ is about a young girl leaving her home in Korea as a picture bride to marry a man in Honolulu, Hawaii. When she gets off the boat in Honolulu, she quickly learns that the man she marrys is not like the man in the picture she had. Instead of a handsome young man, her new husband is a grumpy old man. As time went on, she knew she wasn’t happy but stayed in Hawaii anyway and raised her children. This book gives you a perspective of a picture bride and the realities they faced. This story was well written and very enjoyable. Again, I highly recommend this book.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite books. If you guys liked this post, I may do a Part 2.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!


Honolulu: A Novel
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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Books

  1. Claire Yang says:

    As I get older, I noticed I kind of stray away from fantasy novels, although it is still my favorite genre. I like a little realism in my books. “Honolulu” sounds like a really interesting read.

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